Online Blackjack

What is the difference between online Blackjack game and real one? Rules are the same, gaming process also, but with one small detail: live Blackjack is conducted with the help of casino employee, internet Blackjack, however, is played against computer. Each playing method has its pluses that depend on the gambler's preferences.

Some prefer to play Blackjack in old-fashioned way, watching over the other participants. Others show preferences to privacy, which virtual casino provides. Real casino grants you true sensations. The live Blackjack game cannot last for ages in contrast to online Blackjack, where you can think which step to make for a long period of time.

All we know that such card game as Blackjack has main strategy and it can be beaten with the help of card counting methods. All gamblers, who have some idea about winning tips, know that there is no sense to play Blackjack game without applying counting systems. This is the only chance to succeed in this game. In comparison to live Blackjack, online gambling doesn't allow to use counting techniques. It is absolutely unnecessary, because card shuffling occurs after each round. Probably, this is one big disadvantage of internet Blackjack. However, it doesn't mean, that you should play only in land-based casinos. Online casinos have their own advantages.

Factors to Choose a Casino

Take online casino selection seriously. As long as there is no card counting, there should be at least trustworthy online casino that is determined by following factors:

  • Pay attention to the casino licensing
  • Look at the software providers. The most recommended are Playtech, Cryptologic, Microgaming.
  • What is the payout percentage of chosen casino?
  • Is there any customer support
  • Perfect bonus system
  • Established reputation.

In a conclusion I would like to stress, that online Blackjack is mostly recommended for those who just have started to play this game. Online casino is a good chance to enhance your skills, by playing for free.