Blackjack history

People have different opinions about the starting of card games but most believe that China was the origin of card games and in 900 A.D. card games were first played in that country. They used paper tickets as the general terms of the games. After a few years that paper tickets became playing cards and later versions of the card games were invented by the Muslims and other continental flowers. After a few centuries, this game came in the Europe and then the face cards were evolved by the players of those countries. Johann Gutenberg was the original inventor of full deck cards and he was a player of Germany and the year was 1440.

The queen cards of the deck came from the France after a player changed a male card with female queen card. After that, 52 cards became the deck in the year 1600 and this was invented in France and later English version was also available. This is the brief history and card games are so popular among people that there are many people that they have their special attraction on different games based on cards. Cards are most playing games in many traditional casinos and in online casinos, card games are really popular and effective to have fun and excitement.

Blackjack History

France was the origin for the popular card game blackjack and this game was first derived for other two popular card games of the 16th century in France "French Ferme" and "chemin de fer". The French name of blackjack was "vingt-et-un" and this was first played in France in the 16th century and the game brought in United States in the 17th century by the French gamblers who were fled from France after the revolution in that country.

People can think "vingt-et-un" and blackjack has same rules but that is a wrong imagination because there were certain differences between these 2 versions. In "vingt-et-un", players had to get natural 21 and dealer was only able person to double and when dealer got the natural 21 then players had to pay triple of their betting amount.

Evolution of the Game

Soon after it came to the United States, blackjack became the most playing card games in the country. At the starting of the 20th century, blackjack was banned by the government but this was only for a few decades and in 1930s blackjack became legal again and gained more popularity among players than it had in past.

In any casinos of this world, blackjack is a common game and in online casinos you will find many versions of the game including original so you can think that this is the main game of every online and traditional casinos. People can use their strategy and brain to beat the casino and if you are a great blackjack player then you have the chance to win a lot by playing the game.