Privacy and Legal Statement

The best commitment by the authorities is the fact that they encourage people around the world to comment on their privacy statement and if it is found with fallacies it can be immediately informed on the email address.

Security Policy

Personal Information is usually not mandatory for the website for all visitors. However if the user wishes to have newsletter or remain informed about promotional offers which are profitable deals then registration on the website is required. Using the gaming services on the website is another such cause which demands little personal information. However providing too many details is optional and can be opt out in the email received.

The personal details provided are used by the Our Gambling Portal authorized personnel only and no 3rd party can access the information. Also due to the static content of website, financial details are avoided where the user does not need to feed in any financial information like credit numbers, back account details or banking passwords. The only information kept is the promotional details as requested by the player with high end SQL server security and authentication.

Cookies and their Functions

Web beacons are much employed but it is stateless. To explain it in the other way, the authorized owners of the site are aware of the traffic load on their website and that is the reason why they prefer not to tie all individuals browsing the pages of the site. However when the website is used for downloading, a cookie is added to the user s browser which helps in tracking the website usage. A cookie is nothing but information sent from the web server or the hosting server of the website to the browser server. It contains information like login registration details, user preference or online shopping information etc that the browser saves and informs the web server whenever the website is again visited.

The cookie may also become instrumental in capturing the details of the particular pages of the website that the user visits. However browser can be configured in such a way that the user gets informed as there is a cookie downloaded so that he can act accordingly. But the trick lies when those few pages are downloaded where without the cookie permission access to the contents of the page is not granted. The service monitoring is also another parameter for which the personal information is used so that the company interacts with the user and ensures comfortable and easy usage of the site and also identifies the problems faced by the users. This way the information is used but only for service up gradation of the website.