Blackjack introduction

From all card games Blackjack is considered as one of the most interesting gambling games. Gamblers like this game the most, because its strategies give real chance to win. In addition to basic strategy which is based on card counting, Blackjack has quite simple rules. This game is also known as Twenty-one as the main goal of blackjack is to collect no more than twenty one point. Blackjack can be also played in virtual casino. You have two options either to play this game through the web browser or to download it into your pc. Blackjack game download option has more popularity.

Card Values

All cards in Blackjack have their values. Thus, faced cards (King, Queen, Jack) and 10th have 10 points, Ace has either 1 or 11 points, according to the wish of player. All other cards from 1 to 9 are ranked according to their nominal value.

Betting values

Each table for Blackjack is marked according to the value of stakes (5$-100$, 25$-500$, 25$-1000$). Quantity of gamers is depends on the betting areas so called “boxes” (specially- drawn rectangles on the table layout). One player can make stake either on one or several boxes. All gamers are played against casino in the face of croupier. Bets can be made on agreement on one box by several players.

Blackjack rules

Initially, dealer rounds two cards to the players and one to himself. Gambler’s main aim is to collect combination of cards which has no more than 21 point, dealer, at that time, has to gather no more than 17 points. If either dealer or player will take some points in in excess, he loses. In comparison to dealer, gambler has additional options such as:

  • If two cads are of the same rank, gambler has an opportunity to split two cards into two hands. Each hand will play separately.
  • Insurance. If dealer’s card is Ace, he will offer players to insure themselves from possible blackjack. If such a situation occurs, dealer will pay doubled bet. However, according to the winning tips, insurance is a waste of money. The chances that the dealer will have Blackjack are miserable.
  • Surrender. If original two cards are not acceptable for player, it is possible to skip the game by losing half of the bet.
  • Doubling Down. If player has favorable combination of cards he can double his bet and receive only one additional card.