Blackjack odds

People love blackjack because they can use brain and strategies to change the result of the game and this way they can make the house edge below 1% for certain occasions. People always think, calculating the blackjack probabilities are really tuff but that is not true. You can learn and master that skill by playing the game continuously and after a few days you will be able to master the skill.

In other casino games, you will have few or no chance to change the result, you have to believe on your luck to win but in blackjack, results will vary on your playing system and procedures. If you follow the basic blackjack theories and strategies then you can hope to win for almost every round you play the game. So, that means, if you can do the math of the game then you will have better chance to win but if you believe on luck then you can't change your fate.

You will learn about the probabilities of blackjack below and you have to read and understand each instruction. If you can remember most of these then you can be sure that you will have the chance to change the outcome of the game and you have the ability to beat the dealer. This can help you to play traditional blackjack and you can also use this in playing online blackjack. Below table will show you the statistics of busting your hand for different points when you can the HIT.

Probabilities to BUST in Blackjack

Percentage of Busting Hand Point






















11 or Less

House Edge

There are certain rules in blackjack that will give the dealer less facilities than players and like the dealer has to stand when the dealer has 17 point on soft hand so, you can think how the house are having so much profit from the game. This is because, every player has to act first and when all players complete their act in the game, dealer acts at the end. If some players of the table bust their hands, they lose the game and at the end, if the dealer busts then other players who didn't bust earlier will win.

Blackjack Odds

Usually, house always has the greater edge than the players but if you play by the rules and use the strategy you learnt already then you will always have better edge than house and for most of the cases you will win max and lose min and that is the fact of blackjack because most of the players don't know or use any strategy and if they do, they make many mistakes while doing that.