Terms & Conditions

You can find the T & C of this website on the T & C page of the main menu and the English is its main language and other languages will be added within a few months. You can use translator to translate the language with your preferred language. Though, the translator is not so updated so you will get the highest quality language with the English.

About This Website

This is a website that is maintained by the company named the Townview Trading Limited or TTL and this company is registered in Malta with its permanent address. The number of the company is C44378.

The Laws for the Website

Though, this website is maintained by the Malta situated company so the laws of Malta will be applicable for this website.


If online gaming is not legal in your area or country then only you will be responsible for the gaming activity of yours and you will also be responsible to ensure that you will not violate any laws of the online gaming by playing games in our online casino.

Limitation of Age

You have to be over 18 years old to play casino games in our casino. We may ask you provide useful document to prove your age and you will be bound to provide such information to continue working with us. If we find out that you have an age below 18 we will terminate your account immediately and all your winnings and bonuses will be void. If you are from an area where the minimum age to start gambling is 20 or 21 then you have to get that age to start playing in our casino otherwise we can't make you to create your account.

Proof of Your Account Information

You have to provide accurate information when you are registering with this casino. We may ask you to provide more information and documents as the proof of your account information and if you provide wrong information, then your account will be deleted without any notice.

Account Uniqueness

A player can only open a single account with this website and if the player is linked with over 1 account then all the linked account will be suspended until each of the accounts holder provide necessary information to prove their uniqueness and if anyone fails then that account will be deleted.

Username and Password

You have to choose your own unique user name. You can't choose a user name that is already existed on this website. We suggest our users to choose secure password with different characters so that anyone can't access their account, if their account is opened using their password and username then this website will not be responsible for any action of that account holder.