Blackjack variations

In Western World, blackjack is known as the most playing casino card game. This game is also known by the name 21 (twenty-one). In this game, you do not have to wait for your luck, you can change the result of the game by using your strategy and brain and that is why this game has so popularity. If you know the card counting, then you will have greater edge in the game. By card counting, you will be able to know which cards are dealt already and which cards will be coming next and that will help you to decide whether you win or lose and if you know that you have better chances to win then you can bet more that your normal bet to win more in a single round.

Playing Rules of Blackjack

When a player start t play the game, the player will be dealt 2 cards and the only goal of the player will be having total 21 points or near it. Player can have more cards if wants so but if the total hand point exceeds 21 then that is called BUST and that player will lose automatically and dealer will win. Unlike other games, every player of a blackjack table is not playing against other players, all of them are playing against the dealer and the dealer is the only opponent of those players. When you need an extra card then that is called the HIT, if you want no extra cards then that is called STAND, and double down, insurance, split etc are most common terms of blackjack.

Hard hand and soft hand another 2 common terms of blackjack. 2-10 cards have their same face value and the face cards have 10 points for each and ace will have point 11 or 1 based on situation. If you have point less than 11 then that is a soft hand and if you have an ace in the next dealt card then that ace can be counted as 11 but if you have point 11 or more then that is called hard hand and if the next dealt card is an ace then the point for the ace will be 1. If you count that 11, then your hand will bust and will lose.

Versions of Blackjack

There are many versions of the game and each has different rules than other versions. The main rules for each version are same but there are some certain differences between these versions.

Over / Under 13

If you want to find the popular version of blackjack then this is it. You can place your bet if you are under 13 or over 14 as your total hand point after the 1st 2 dealt cards but if you have 13 then casino will win.

Red / Black

You can bet on the dealer's Faced-up card and the color of that card.

Blackjack Switch

For this version, player has to play with 2 hands and each hand has similar betting amount with other hand.

Royal Match, Double Exposure, Spanish 21, Bust Out and 21 Madness are the other popular versions of blackjack.